Acting as the data controller, Kastaş Sızdırmazlık Tekonolojileri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. the identity of the data controller, the personal data categories to be processed, the purposes of personal data processing, data transfer recipient groups, collecting methods and legal reasons and the rights I have were explained in a detailed and understandable manner, and this information text was read by me. In this context, it has been stated that I can access more detailed information from the personal data storage and destruction policy at “” and the records in the VERBIS system.

Along with all the issues specified in the clarification text; In accordance with the "Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce" and all relevant sub-legislation, for product-service promotions, gifts, discounts, new opportunities and special offers, personalized marketing activities such as announcements, advertisements, campaigns, events and special day celebrations, and in this sense, the processing of my "name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, company name, country, city, address" information, limited to the purposes of sending e-mails and sms; Being aware of all the meaning and consequences of this statement, with my free will i consent to the sharing of this data with which has a contractual relationship, with the companies that provide sms and e-mail sending services and companies that provide marketing consultancy services, with the awareness of possible future consequences.

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You can read the clarification text on the protection of personal data here.