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Kastaş has the rightful privilege of representing Turkey in international civil society organizations and scientific meetings.

Kastaş, having 80% market share in Turkey, is one of the world’s five largest producers of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals. The technology and competent human resources allow Kastaş to be a pioneer not only in production but also in the representation of our country. Kastaş represents Turkey in ESA (European Sealing Association) Board of Directors and ISO Fluid Power Committee.

Established in Neu-Ulm, Germany in 1992, ESA has 52 members and represents about 80% of the European manufacturers of sealing elements. Kastaş joined ESA in 2012 and became a member of Executive Committee of the union in 2015. The ESA Board of Directors, where almost all of the sealing industry is represented, takes decisions about the association and manages the ESA budget. The ESA Annual General Meeting convenes once a year while technical committees meet at least twice a year.ESA core strategy is providing assistance to the members operating in the industry and decision-makers by technically supporting them, making improvement efforts and developing the sealing technologies industry by enabling the companies that are competing with each other to work together.

Kastaş Technology Director Ozan Devlen was reelected as a member of ESA’s 5-member Executive Committee unanimously at the 2018 Annual General Meeting held in Italy in May 2018.

Devlen noted that our representation on the ESA Executive Committee allows Kastaş and Turkey to be present at the top of the sealing industry.

Devlen further stated that the sealing technologies have a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry sectors.

The ISO Technical Committees (ISO TCs) run the process of writing, voting and renewing all international standards.

Kastaş represents the Turkish Standards Institute in the “Fluid Power Systems Technical Committee”—one of the 293 Technical Committees within the body of ISO.

Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), which is the competent authority in Turkey, established Fluid Power Systems Mirror Technical Committee in 2012, becoming a P-Member with full voting rights. Thus, Turkey became one of the 14 countries worldwide to guide the future of standards for Fluid Power Industry.

Haydar Atılgan, the Chairman of the Board of Kastaş, stated that representation of Turkey in the ISO Fluid Power Systems Technical Committee provides an opportunity to obtain all documents concerning developments in the industry, to participate in international/ regional meetings and to contribute to preparation of standards.

Atılgan emphasized that the Technical Committees provide the opportunity to share the technical knowledge, expertise and experience, and to be able to monitor and determine the developments and innovations at European and international level, noting:

“In ISO and ESA, we represent not only our company but also our country on an international platform. In this way, we get an important opportunity to work together in developing and approving new test methods as well as exchange of information in technical projects. We aim to host one of the ESA’s Annual General Meetings in the coming years in Turkey as Kastaş.”

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